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Delivering Top Quality Driving Lessons

  • Reverse parallel parking techniques 
  • Three point turn and U-Turn method 
  •   Hill park and Hill starts procedures 
  •   Kerb side parking techniques 
  •   Observation and blind spot 
  •   Overtaking procedure   
  •   Complex traffic 
  •   Decision making 
  •   Country driving 
  •   Road positioning 
  •  Speed management 
  •   Defensive driving and stress management


Our Services

  • RTA  qualified driving instructor
      KEYS 2 DRIVE accredited instructor
      License test preparation 
      Competitive price
      Wet  weather tuition
      Dual  control fitted car provided for driving lesson  
      One to  one quality and professional tuition 
      Night driving tuition 
      Refresher driving tuition
  •   Top quality automatic training vehicle with air condition and power steering 





Driving Lesson: Learn with an experienced RTA qualified instructors

St Marys Driving School provide the best driving techniques for each student and offer full support to the students of their driving skill to pass the first time. When you come to learn with us, you will receive a reliable, friendly and professional service from our highly experienced and RTA qualified Instructors. 

The St Marys Driving School dedicated to providing excellent service and offer professionally run learner driver training which include following task.

  Driver preparation and operation of control   
  Start up and shut down procedure
  Move from the kerb technique
  Steering technique
  Road laws/marking/signs and traffic lights rule
  Highway, heavy trucks and multi-lined roads rules
  Freeway entry and exit manoeuvres
  Intersection and roundabouts rules
  Lane changing and merging skills
  Monitoring of traffic and hazards perception 
  Adverse conditions and emergence procedures

City Driving Package $248

The city driving package includes 4 hours driving lesson via motorways to city. Entering the spectacular city with panoramic view is one of the best and memorable driving experiences in your entire learning journey. This is the final process to become a confident driver.

The return route will be via going through the breath taking Harbour Bridge. On our way to home half an hour break wi

Good News

1 Hour driving lesson = 3 Hours in your log book

From 19 December 2009, learner driv

1 Hour FREE Lesson

St. Marys Driving School's instructor is fully accredited from KEYS 2 DRIVE to conduct one